Thomas Hoppe

Thomas Hoppe is a commercial pilot, Class IV Flight Instructor, Advanced RPAS Pilot and Transport Canada Advanced RPAS Flight Reviewer. He has been employed in the Geomatics industry since 1986 with international and unique positioning technology experience. He began his surveying career in Ontario and worked in several locations throughout North America, holding multiple roles from Professional Surveyor, Geomatics Business Development, Assistant Manager PART 702 Aerial Survey Operations, RPAS Pilot – Operations Manager, GNSS/RPAS Equipment Sales and GNSS/RPAS Technical Support, RPAS Ground School / Flight Instructor, Transport Canada Authorized Flight Reviewer (RPAS), Technical Trainer and National GNSS Training Manager.

His home base is in Lake Country, BC, near Kelowna, Thomas currently provides RPAS aerial surveys, contract RPAS pilot services, RPAS data processing and aerial survey support services throughout Canada. His vision for professional services is to integrate new technologies and procedures in aviation and surveying to supply clients with timely and cost-effective solutions.