Greg Adams

Greg Adams is an Air Attack Officer with the BC Wildfire Service.  Greg’s journey in wildfire started out as a summer job to pay for university in 1994 when he joined the Alberta Rappel Program.  It was only supposed to be for 4 years but after completing his Bachelor of Education, he realized that wildland firefighting was more his style and spent 18 years with Alberta Rappel.  Initial attack firefighting with a 7-person crew that could rappel from a medium helicopter was the best job in the world.  In 2014, the opportunity to become an Air Attack Officer in BC presented itself and Greg jumped in and found the other best job in world, coordinating the aerial attack on wildfires. Integrating land-based airtankers with skimmers and helicopters to support ground firefighting brings many challenges and many rewards.  Greg also functions as the Provincial Airtanker Coordination Officer, managing the airtanker responses to wildfires across British Columbia.